Attendance Requirements

To be initiated as a member, students must have served as a candidate for one semester. 

Students shall be considered for membership upon meeting the requirements as stated here. The following attendance requirements must also be adhered to:




  • 11 Professional Events

  • 1 Social Event

  • 2 Volunteer Events

  • Initiation Banquet at the end of the semester


  • 10 Professional Events

  • 1 Social Events

  • 2 Volunteer Events


At the end of every semester, the Eta Theta Chapter recognizes all of the members and candidates who have been exceptionally dedicated and gone above the minimum requirements of candidacy and membership.

A student can achieve superior status by attending the following:

  • 13 Professional Events

  • 2 Social Events

  • 4 Volunteer Events

  • 10 Hours Volunteer Tutoring

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