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Executive Board

The process of becoming an officer involves submitting an application form and briefly addressing the membership during the elections on April 25, 2019. Nominations for officer positions are open to any active non-advocate member in good standing. Election for the individual offices will be voted on separately by the membership.


The officer positions open for the Fall 2019 board are:


  • President-Elect

  • Vice President of Membership - Elect

  • Treasurer - Elect

  • Vice President of Fundraising - Elect

  • Vice President of Service - Elect

  • Vice President of Tutoring

  • Vice President of Social Events and Media


The application and a brief description of each position's responsibilities can be found here. The Eta Theta chapter is currently accepting nominations and will continue to do so until Monday, April 22nd at 11:59 PM.


Questions about the election process? Contact Taylor Collins (


Members and candidates can also get involved by joining a committee. The chapter's current committees are described as follows:


  • Social: Plan and coordinate the chapter's social events that encourage relationships among the members, faculty, and professionals that extend beyond the classroom and continue into the workplace. Members of this committee also serve as key contacts for these events to facilitate member involvement.

  • Service: Plan and coordinate the chapter's volunteer events and service opportunities. This involves reaching out to firms and outside organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity and Hunger Task Force for joint service events. Members of this committee also serve as key contacts for these events to facilitate member involvement.

  • Fundraising: Plan and coordinate the chapter's annual Accounting Night and Auction events.

  • Initiation Banquet: Plan the semester's initiation banquet. This involves coordinating the location and catering of the banquet, as well as sending invitations to firms and faculty.

  • Communications: Lead the chapter's external communication efforts. This includes a review of the semester's events for reporting to members, faculty, and partner organizations.

  • Constitution & Bylaws: Communicate with the executive board to ensure the chapter meets both the chapter and national bylaws. This also involves reviewing the chapter bylaws and making and amendments as necessary.

  • Alumni Relations: Lead the chapter's alumni relations. This includes managing alumni information and coordinating alumni events throughout the semester.


Interested in joining any of these committees? Contact!

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